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NYFW: Black

The saying goes…when in doubt wear black, BUT when it is 90 degrees of beaming sun maybe we should have looked at the forecast first! I along with a slew of other fashion goers decided to wear the color that attracts heat on Day 6 of New York Fashion Week.  Although we were stylish we were definitely HOT. After a long day I was happy to give two deuces to the sun and Lincoln Center. Read More

NYFW: Essence.com

Style spotted today  on Essence.com  while I was in the midst of taking pictures during yesterdays shows at New York Fashion Week. Since I was acting like a serious paparazzo  I opted for something casual and airy. The dress that I wore is oldie but goodie Eddie Bauer that I purchased on Burbanks Magnolia blvd. They have really cool vintage/consignment shops. The one that I adore most is Swift. This dress along with some tailored bottoms were a practical steal and fit so perfectly that no altering was needed. I  decided to make the nautical look more urban by adding gold accessories including the golden metallic stoppers that I found on Urban Outfitters.com that you can purchase here.