The Side of the Road

You are on this path and one day you decide to stop. You just sit down in the middle of the divider with your legs crossed in a lotus like position and all day you look each way deciding if you wanna go back or move forward. That’s what summed up my day yesterday.


Image Credit: Cottage Cheese and Crepe Paper

Seems like everything is catching up with me and I’m walking on this journey with three of those hiking backpacks plus two rolling luggages. Not those new hard shell luggages that need wheel alignment’s but the cloth ones that was passed down to you because you needed one and your aunt was throwing things out. A big load! So yesterday I made the decision to put all of it down and just marinate. What if I just go back? It’ll be easier but unhappy. What if I just stopped? Then I’ll create a road block because all my shit will be piled up. What if I get up and keep going? Eventually my load will lighten as I continue to step and I will be happy that I kept going to finish this journey. So whether you are juggling two jobs or none, have a mate or children to deal with, or can’t decide if you want apples or oranges…. Take a seat, breathe, and get up but just keep going.

Paula Renee

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