Paula Renee shot by Shootrr


I have never seen leaves fall as if they were snowflakes until over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  My fiance and I were escorted by a trail full of leaves to a breathtaking location and what I would describe as the epitome of fall.  The variations of tarnished red, yellow, and green trees made it easy to settle into a random shoot before I hopped on a flight back to the bay from a fantastic holiday trip in  Atlanta.

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O! Excuse me for not introducing the photographer Shootrr , an amazing talent that also happens to a be the love of my life. It is always fun being in front of the camera when he is behind it because he forces me to be in my most comfortable state,after I give him a long list of want’s and needs, all of which he doesn’t do. I wore? A leather bucket hat that I slipped off of my grandmother’s coat rack while kissing her goodbye the week before. Bucket hats were a popular purchase in summer to block the sun so when I spied her hat in leather I knew it would be the perfect bad hair day look for the rainy season. The studded gem top I grabbed from Urban Outfitters for 9.99 ,and the I am such a lady skirt is a purchase from H&M. Why I decided to throw on my Nike Cortez with such a girlie look? Dunno! Maybe because they are black and white and in my head they go with anything, and maybe I want them to go with everything because they are so darn comfortable.  I can not stop wearing them! My family request that I do because they are “dirty” but I have a shoe motto, “If they are on your feet you wear them to get worn!” I am not the person that cleans my shoes before wearing them so if you are one of those who judge based off of what’s on my feet do not look down or better yet I don’t care. I am already taken. lol



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