Frequent Shopper saving woos: Why DailyWorth helps


dailyworthThe last time I clicked purchase or heard the ching of a cash register at my favorite store has been… forever. I mean December, but that is like forever in a frequent shopper’s world. With so many important plans in the near future there is always a dark cloud over my head waiting to start pouring down rain if I make a purchase.

Seriously! I tried a couple weeks ago. My friend and I were browsing through Nordstrom’s, as we were chatting I was picking up items along the way.The conversation got serious, so deep that about ten minute’s later we realized no one is around to help us, and then suddenly the lights turned off. The store was closed from the confirmation blaring through the speakers of the department .  So I took it as a sign and put it them back with a pouty face. Why?

As a late twenty something year old, I am beginning to follow the signs and think about the more important things in life before impulse buying.  Financial stability is a primary goal for my future husband and I, so we have to eliminate something and shopping has to be one. Or does it? A article popped up in my email this morning that answered the question. DailyWorth, a financial and career advice website for women, sends me daily articles to motivate financial success. The article in my inbox yesterday morning titled,”Score Like a Stylist” answered the question- I don’t! My career demands that I am up to par, fashion forward, in the know, so by investing in my wardrobe I am investing in my  future but that does not mean I need to go hard and buy out Neimans every week. However, moderation and a good deal, I can still be on track. Read the article here

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