Paula Renee shot by BrittSense

Paula Renee

Happy post! Me. Paula Renee. Get’s the camera turned in my direction and what happens?  BrittSense sent over the final images from our shoot a couple of weeks ago. Just from the image above, are you gasping just like I am? Okay, maybe not a gasp of “OMG, Tyra fierce,” but for a lil ol’ stylist/blogger that prefers to babble and style instead of smile, you have to admit they did come out kinda dope.

To get details on looks

The shoot was so much fun mainly because it was the complete opposite of my character. Jumping on a filthy, contaminated, and definitely infested mattress on the sidewalk of a deserted street is not something that is on my  bucket list, but the shot actually turned out to be one of my favorites. The fur coat is actually my moms, and a total coincidence that I am the exact age she was when she purchased it many many many moons ago(lol she is not that old, j/k mummie.) The shoes are from Zara with a little DIY touch that you can easily learn by clicking here.

The second look was the make-up artist Keli fave.The Numph camo jacket (see more from brand here) was at Urban Outfitters during the 50% off sale. It almost slipped passed me but the fashion Gods intervened and told me to look to the left at the girl trying it on. Hung, it looked like a male coat but when on the drawstraings pulls in a frame making your waist smaller and the sleeves more raglan.  My sequined thigh high boots are Jeffrey Campbell’s from NastyGal that you can purchase here. Oh! Did you check the Tyra smize? My art director (secretly my sister,  just practicing mentioning one for when the time comes) always coaches me to be comfortable enough to capture the “model” moments.

Lastly. Fall is here and the coats that are in for the season are rather big,  very reminiscent of the late eighties and nighties. So why buy when I have “mature” family members  to closet shop from? The bold colored swing coat is my grandmothers. When I belted it with a wide orange belt I purchased from H&M it made a awesome coat dress that I will definitely be wearing over my sexy holiday looks as the days get colder. The shoes are again Zara but with shoe clips I purchased from my favorite vintage store in Burbank called, Swift. Changed the whole look of them! This was by far my favorite location because we were surrounded by consignment furniture.

O! can not wait to we shoot again!

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