American Apparel

American ApparelLast Spring I purchased the American Apparel top with anticipation, and the sole intent of wearing it immediately. Recently, as I was looking through my tornado of a closet, I realized that it is now November and the bright pink polka dot crop still lay halfway folded in my drawer. However disappointing, the thought was brief because my lil pup scratched at my leg, which is her way of yelling that she needs to go outside. So I walk out of my closet, put on her leash, and head out the door.

Stepping into the sun I felt as if I went back to the month of purchase, because the weather did not feel like Autumn. The warm air felt like the transition of Spring to Summer. Not too hot or too cold; 73 degrees of blissful beauty.  As my pup squatted to do her thing, I began to think about what to wear and within seconds I encountered that “aha!” moment that Oprah often speaks of.  I will wear the sleeveless top before it is thrown under a slew of sweaters only to be forgotten until next year.

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Paula Renee shot by BrittSense

Paula Renee

Happy post! Me. Paula Renee. Get’s the camera turned in my direction and what happens?  BrittSense sent over the final images from our shoot a couple of weeks ago. Just from the image above, are you gasping just like I am? Okay, maybe not a gasp of “OMG, Tyra fierce,” but for a lil ol’ stylist/blogger that prefers to babble and style instead of smile, you have to admit they did come out kinda dope.

To get details on looks

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Can you wear white after Labor Day?


White after Labor Day

Solange wearing all white at Ebay in NYC last week

As I was waiting in the car for my sister to wobble down the stairs (she is 7 months pregnant. I am going to be an auntie, geeked!) my text chimed from a friend inquiring, “I am going to an event and I want to wear a white blazer. Is it still a rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day?”  This question continues to swirl through the minds of “normal” people, normal meaning those that are not totally obsessed with all things fashion as I. And to answer your question, YES! This is the 20th century, a universe polluted with Sex and the City Carries and Gaga’s Little Monsters. A land filled with trend setters and risk takers. There are no exception to the rules. Wait! Let me rephrase that… Other than, the shit better fit according to your shape! OR you will look bigger AND do not wear white to a wedding unless specified! There are not too many exceptions to the rules of wearing white. See how some of the popular kids rocked the color recently by clicking…

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DIY: Shoe Clips

DIY; shoe clips

 The idea of wearing shoe clips; I assume my fascination came from my mother’s sexy Fredrick’s collection. Recollecting back to my seven year old self, I was totally in awe of her excessive lingerie collection. My favorite items were her black and red slip-on heels with attached feathers on the front. Fufu shoes, my sisters and I would call them. When she would get on the phone it was our open opportunity to play dress up. We would swing on her silk robes that turned  into imaginary long gowns when placed on our frail bodies and slide our tiny feet in her fancy heels gripping the front with our toes so we would not fall. In the mirror we would sway up and down, prancing and dancing, dreaming of being old enough to fill her shoes. Now that I am, I fancy embellished shoes and jump at the site of wearing any kind of shoe clips from bows, to square pendants. So when the idea came to make my own I had to make sure my first pair were “fufu”  Continue reading to see how you can DIY shoe clips too.

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BrittSense + Paula Renee

It was all glam and fun when make-up artist Keli Jenee turned me into a whole other gal for my shoot with New York photographer BrittSense. After it was a wrap, pictures coming soon,  BrittSense pressed the record button and captured me for what she calls “222 Testshots.”   There was a little hesitation. First I had to pretend I was Naomi Campbell for five hours now you want me to pull out Halle?  Eventually I gave in, turning a new leaf with the affirmation “I can, I will, I am” especially when i put on the NastyGal coat I purchased last season,  the inner actress in my came busting out and I used those improv skills that I been dying to practice. Came out fun!

Watch and Learn

There is no need to have cable when Netflix exist.Yeah, some shows may be seasons behind, but in the recent years it has become my fashion library and I learn something new each time I press play. My new addiction is the Sundance show “On the Line”, starring Joe Zee. The Elle Magazine Creative Director takes on the role as a Brand Agent to designers whose once successful career has taken a turn for the worse. The man that knows best not only critiques their line, he also helps them create a more defined one to market to companies that if interested will pick up the collection in their stores. A great watch for any designer that would like to expand their brand