At home workout

PRO: Mouth watering food places I never knew existed like Chick-fil-a, Papadaux, and American Deli.

Cons: Im gaining weight!

I’m not on the verge of rolling down the stairs but indulging on my honeymoon for two weeks then settling in my new home state of Atlanta, Georgia I think I have managed to gain some of the pounds I diligently lost throughout the year. What is even more of a bummer is my $25.00 a year membership from 24Hour Fitness is insignificant because there is not one within 20 mile radius, making the need to exercise daily a mission. Therefore I have to rely on my neighborhood runs with  20 minute workouts to keep me right throughout the majority of the week. Here are a couple that have helped my buns reach the peak of steel when I could not hit the gym


I know the instructors hairstyle reflects the date of this video but I like it because it is basic Pilates. Keeps me stretched and toned until I can hit the gym for the weight training. Read More

Youtube Inspirations

Lately I just want everything around me to be positive. Inspired with purpose, meaning, and happiness. YouTube has really been one of my friends that has helped me. Here are a couple of videos that I have watched, some repeatedly, learned and loved. To view more Read More

Nasty Gal lace and my custom headpiece

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I wore this beautiful cream lace dress for my bridal shower and my headpiece my lovely friend made to compliment my reception dress. I love them both equally!  The NastyGal dress has so many unique details that if was not a soft solid color you would think it was to busy to wear.  I envisioned an epic shoot in Paris. somewhere in the nook of one of those massive historical sites like the Lourve or Notre Dame but since the cold weather did not permit a outside shoot and I settled for snapshots in my favorite part of our temporary apartment.

Shot by Shootrr

Married in London

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Life has vastly changed since I last posted.Since April I have become a Mrs., left my job of thirteen years, and moved from California to Atlanta. The road has been a little bumpy with a few road blocks but for the most part some amazing moments has took place. One of the best has to be becoming Mrs. Elder and beginning our lives together with a two week trip to Europe. Go to our blog to view more.

Pinterest or Miley?


 I posted the post above in Pinterest with the tag line, “When I go into my fiancé’s closet I come out like this.” Was amazed to see how many Pinners pinned the image over the last year. Do you think it is because of the outfit or because it is Miley Cyrus in the outfit? Hmmm

Our apartment through AirBNB



The pretty little things our apartment brings.From London to Paris we have enjoyed the character of each home. Thanks AirBnB.


Push me off of that cliff so I can fly. I promise I will not try and grab what is behind. Ready to fall over to the other side because I know you will pick me up and reveal the truth that has been hiding inside.

London Telephone Booth

Paula Renee, london


Hey Mates, I AM IN LONDON! So expect a lot of tele photos. They fire engine booths are at almost every corner going into the city and being that they are the ghost of the past in the states it is exciting to know that London still has kept the historic booths. I am wearing my new fave tank from a brand at Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise. It is so comfy and sexy. I mean my Vicki Secret bra helps with the perkyness but the draping on the racerback shirt is so feminine.

My London Eye

British flag

The Union Jack hanging as decor in our apartment