New Year, New Do: Natural Hair

It all started years ago when my fiancé asked me to grow out my hair and because I had not wen pass a bob since high school I did. However I cheated constantly with extensions: big and curly, long and natural, braid…Never growing it out naturally.  When I would take the hairstyles out to allow it to breath my hai,r which is now shoulder length it just felt very thin with a flat iron but thick as it has ever been natural and I would always say I am going to where my hair just like this, but the nerve never came to now. So here I go! 90 days of where my natural hair. NO HEAT, NO EXTENSIONS. Lets see how it goes lol.
Image 5NEWDO

photoAll of my fabulous, most fabulous images are captured by the best luv and photographer, SHOOTRR.


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