Eternally 2014: Pinterest Board

It is not just our day, it is our year. Although the beginning of a lifetime,  2014 is when we commence.


No checking the singles box when I fill out papers or being called Ms. by the gentleman that opens the door because in the coming months I GET MARRIED. Two years ago, Yeah! we had a long engagement, I said I do to the sweetest and coolest guy in the world and now that 2014 is here I can  finally say I do. You would think two years of being engaged the ceremony is planned and all we have to do is walk down the aisle, Heh! In the world of a organized Bridezilla that has been dreaming of her wedding since birth, yes. But to a creative with a all over the place personality finalizing decisions by myself just didn’t pan out that simple. The most I did is what you see here, PIN. Pin, pin,pin… Since I never had the Cinderella fairytale dreams I had no idea what I wanted and when my fiancé and I would discuss our ideas all we could think of is simple, fun, relaxing, and close family. So I took to site Pinterest, a pinboard-style photo-sharing website shared by over 25 million people to convey those exact words to everyone that needed to know. Especially  Janie, our angel of a wedding planner until she eventually said,”Do not show me another picture.”

  So now that the stars are aligned all we have to do is gracefully follow them down to the alter and sign the checks that will try and hit us like unexpected meteroid. Did I mention if you are having a wedding vendors want you to be in debt before saying I do? With the help of Janie we have refused. So let’s see how this works on our dime. Details revealed throughout the year.

pinterestTo see a peak into our Eternally 2014 Inspiration Board including other stylish boards click here 

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