Ebenezer Baptist Church Atlanta

Ebenezer Baptist Church

My mother and I attended 11am service at the new Ebenezer Baptist Church Atlanta last Sunday then proceeded over to the original church for a moment of silence and chill that left me questioning, When am I going to do what I am supposed to do?

If you do not know the history behind Ebenezer Baptist Church you definitely know this name, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He lead the spiritual place alongside his father as the co- pastor until his passing; also placing it as one of the hearts of the Civil Rights Movement. Women, men, boys, and girls would all congregate to hear him and a plethora of other’s activist speak and motivate equality for all.

The quote above posted in the historical church reminded me that God moves us in directions to change the world wether big or small. When you act on his calling of love it leads to your true purpose but because it is not built on your 9-5 job and most of the time you may not get anything back, not even a thank you, we avoid those calling of conspiring with the universe to do good for others.

What is yours? or you holding back from it? Why?

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