DIY: Shoe Clips

DIY; shoe clips

 The idea of wearing shoe clips; I assume my fascination came from my mother’s sexy Fredrick’s collection. Recollecting back to my seven year old self, I was totally in awe of her excessive lingerie collection. My favorite items were her black and red slip-on heels with attached feathers on the front. Fufu shoes, my sisters and I would call them. When she would get on the phone it was our open opportunity to play dress up. We would swing on her silk robes that turned  into imaginary long gowns when placed on our frail bodies and slide our tiny feet in her fancy heels gripping the front with our toes so we would not fall. In the mirror we would sway up and down, prancing and dancing, dreaming of being old enough to fill her shoes. Now that I am, I fancy embellished shoes and jump at the site of wearing any kind of shoe clips from bows, to square pendants. So when the idea came to make my own I had to make sure my first pair were “fufu”  Continue reading to see how you can DIY shoe clips too.

Items Needed:

Zara shoesPurchased the simple heels last season along with every other fashionista. They are the perfect shoe because it has just enough room to place the shoe clip in the front.
feathers boas or feathers pom poms Purchased in the feather/boa section at Micheal’s, but I am sure they are available at any arts and crafts store. For only 2.99 each I bought 4, since it is my first time and I know I can get rather messy with my DIY’s and mess some shit up. SMH!

_DSC0680I  have a love and hate relationship with Krazy Glue. Love it because it will connect almost anything together; hate it because that may include things you may not want it to like my fingers. hair clips

The hair clips came in a pack of four at Michaels also. Your local beauty supply is also an option. DIY; shoe clips

Simple steps:

  1. Cut the elastic off the feathered pom poms.
  2. Find a center point in each pom pom to place glue on.
  3. Remove feathers from around the point then place glue onto the point as well as onto the center of the hair clip’s then connect the two.
  4. Hold the two down with your fingers or a heavy object until dry.
  5. Once it is dry place on your shoe of choice and BAM all done.


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