Marshall Nash Fall 14′ Collection

Marshall Nash

 Discomfort.You know the feeling when you decide to put on a outfit that looks so good on you but while you are receiving compliments all you could think about is going home and changing. Well not with Marshall Nash Fall 14′  collection.I got the pleasure of playing dress up while my photographer/husband did a mini photoshoot in our new home.

Marshall Nash

After wearing the matching boucle’ “Party Queen” Sweatsuit and the “Soiree Sashay” dress I would best describe the collection as a sexy comfort; two items that I would take from day to night and never fret . The sweatsuit could be dressed with heels or sneakers and also comes in gray and black; the dress slides on like a slip but with added sexy details such as the extended neckline and the zipped racer back.

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Nasty Gal lace and my custom headpiece

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


I wore this beautiful cream lace dress for my bridal shower and my headpiece my lovely friend made to compliment my reception dress. I love them both equally!  The NastyGal dress has so many unique details that if was not a soft solid color you would think it was to busy to wear.  I envisioned an epic shoot in Paris. somewhere in the nook of one of those massive historical sites like the Lourve or Notre Dame but since the cold weather did not permit a outside shoot and I settled for snapshots in my favorite part of our temporary apartment.

Shot by Shootrr

London Telephone Booth

Paula Renee, london


Hey Mates, I AM IN LONDON! So expect a lot of tele photos. They fire engine booths are at almost every corner going into the city and being that they are the ghost of the past in the states it is exciting to know that London still has kept the historic booths. I am wearing my new fave tank from a brand at Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise. It is so comfy and sexy. I mean my Vicki Secret bra helps with the perkyness but the draping on the racerback shirt is so feminine.

Throwback Thursday: Braids.


I have been all natural for the past two months and during the process all I could think about is another hairstyle. While I do see healthy changes in my hair I can not wait to switch it up and until I figure out a permanent hairstyle I want braids!

braids IMG_4313



Gotta Cop: RainCoats

raincoatWearing W118 Walter Baker, Vintage hat, Nike Cortex shoes.

They are called Raincoats for a reason. However, I took the term very lightly maybe due to the fact that the only raincoat I owned was a plastic pancho that made so much noise I thought I was becoming deaf with each raindrop. It wasn’t until I purchased a  W118 Walter Baker Coat on the a couple of seasons ago the term began to have reason. I remember the day it arrived, the excitement was more about the presentation and if you have ever received a box from the designer discounted retailer than you know what I mean.


I recall trying to rip the tape apart with my hands until I got smart and grabbed a pair of scissors, cutting until I spotted the white clothed garment bag that the coat was hung inside. As pulled it out to reveal the huge big black dot of the signature logo I began to tingle and slowly unzipped it exposing the camel colored body of the short trench with the the black bad ass leather sleeves.  The next day the usual frown of the rainy weather was replaced with a grin from ear to ear because I knew what I would be wearing as I walked outside. When it was time to go there was no umbrella in sight and the pounding sounds as the drips it the pavement made me think, “I am going to get drenched!” So I ran swiftly to the car, hopped in and began arriving to take off my hat and coat as i drove off. Undressing I noticed myself patting the coat down and I realized huh, I am completely dry. In  that moment I knew what a real raincoat was.

raincoats .001

1. Wanda Nylon $548.00  2. W118 by Walter Baker $125.50  3. Wanda Nylon $480.00          4. Valentino Red $553.00   5.Custo Barcelona $145.00  6. Rani Bageria $856.00

So although us Californians are almost in a drought, while the rest of the country is the winter storms be prepared not to get drenched and take advantage early by copping Raincoats that are 50% off  their regular price. I give you a head start above.

Paula Renee shot by Shootrr


I have never seen leaves fall as if they were snowflakes until over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  My fiance and I were escorted by a trail full of leaves to a breathtaking location and what I would describe as the epitome of fall.  The variations of tarnished red, yellow, and green trees made it easy to settle into a random shoot before I hopped on a flight back to the bay from a fantastic holiday trip in  Atlanta.

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O! Excuse me for not introducing the photographer Shootrr , an amazing talent that also happens to a be the love of my life. It is always fun being in front of the camera when he is behind it because he forces me to be in my most comfortable state,after I give him a long list of want’s and needs, all of which he doesn’t do. I wore? A leather bucket hat that I slipped off of my grandmother’s coat rack while kissing her goodbye the week before. Bucket hats were a popular purchase in summer to block the sun so when I spied her hat in leather I knew it would be the perfect bad hair day look for the rainy season. The studded gem top I grabbed from Urban Outfitters for 9.99 ,and the I am such a lady skirt is a purchase from H&M. Why I decided to throw on my Nike Cortez with such a girlie look? Dunno! Maybe because they are black and white and in my head they go with anything, and maybe I want them to go with everything because they are so darn comfortable.  I can not stop wearing them! My family request that I do because they are “dirty” but I have a shoe motto, “If they are on your feet you wear them to get worn!” I am not the person that cleans my shoes before wearing them so if you are one of those who judge based off of what’s on my feet do not look down or better yet I don’t care. I am already taken. lol



American Apparel

American ApparelLast Spring I purchased the American Apparel top with anticipation, and the sole intent of wearing it immediately. Recently, as I was looking through my tornado of a closet, I realized that it is now November and the bright pink polka dot crop still lay halfway folded in my drawer. However disappointing, the thought was brief because my lil pup scratched at my leg, which is her way of yelling that she needs to go outside. So I walk out of my closet, put on her leash, and head out the door.

Stepping into the sun I felt as if I went back to the month of purchase, because the weather did not feel like Autumn. The warm air felt like the transition of Spring to Summer. Not too hot or too cold; 73 degrees of blissful beauty.  As my pup squatted to do her thing, I began to think about what to wear and within seconds I encountered that “aha!” moment that Oprah often speaks of.  I will wear the sleeveless top before it is thrown under a slew of sweaters only to be forgotten until next year.

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Paula Renee shot by BrittSense

Paula Renee

Happy post! Me. Paula Renee. Get’s the camera turned in my direction and what happens?  BrittSense sent over the final images from our shoot a couple of weeks ago. Just from the image above, are you gasping just like I am? Okay, maybe not a gasp of “OMG, Tyra fierce,” but for a lil ol’ stylist/blogger that prefers to babble and style instead of smile, you have to admit they did come out kinda dope.

To get details on looks

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