Frequent Shopper saving woos: Why DailyWorth helps


dailyworthThe last time I clicked purchase or heard the ching of a cash register at my favorite store has been… forever. I mean December, but that is like forever in a frequent shopper’s world. With so many important plans in the near future there is always a dark cloud over my head waiting to start pouring down rain if I make a purchase. Read More

Color with Color: Lupita Nyong’o

Lupito Nyong'o

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Lupita Nyong’o has not only been snagging all of the trophies this award season for best supporting actress for her role in 12 Years a Slave; she has also been best dressed on each red carpet. So what is it? After eyeballing each look on I have came to the main conclusion.  It is color with color.

Usually when I talk to my beautifully brown clients they are afraid to be so bold and bright but the glam squad of the Kenyan Golden Globe winner is proving that popping colors look just as better on darker skins. Orange, corals, fuchsia’s, and even white on Nyogo smooth dark skin is the palette to highlight how powerful brights can be the showstopper on one’s look.

Eternally 2014: Pinterest Board

It is not just our day, it is our year. Although the beginning of a lifetime,  2014 is when we commence.


No checking the singles box when I fill out papers or being called Ms. by the gentleman that opens the door because in the coming months I GET MARRIED. Two years ago, Yeah! we had a long engagement, I said I do to the sweetest and coolest guy in the world and now that 2014 is here I can  finally say I do. You would think two years of being engaged the ceremony is planned and all we have to do is walk down the aisle, Heh! In the world of a organized Bridezilla that has been dreaming of her wedding since birth, yes. But to a creative with a all over the place personality finalizing decisions by myself just didn’t pan out that simple. The most I did is what you see here, PIN. Pin, pin,pin… Since I never had the Cinderella fairytale dreams I had no idea what I wanted and when my fiancé and I would discuss our ideas all we could think of is simple, fun, relaxing, and close family. So I took to site Pinterest, a pinboard-style photo-sharing website shared by over 25 million people to convey those exact words to everyone that needed to know. Especially  Janie, our angel of a wedding planner until she eventually said,”Do not show me another picture.”

  So now that the stars are aligned all we have to do is gracefully follow them down to the alter and sign the checks that will try and hit us like unexpected meteroid. Did I mention if you are having a wedding vendors want you to be in debt before saying I do? With the help of Janie we have refused. So let’s see how this works on our dime. Details revealed throughout the year.

pinterestTo see a peak into our Eternally 2014 Inspiration Board including other stylish boards click here 

New Year, New Do: Natural Hair

It all started years ago when my fiancé asked me to grow out my hair and because I had not wen pass a bob since high school I did. However I cheated constantly with extensions: big and curly, long and natural, braid…Never growing it out naturally.  When I would take the hairstyles out to allow it to breath my hai,r which is now shoulder length it just felt very thin with a flat iron but thick as it has ever been natural and I would always say I am going to where my hair just like this, but the nerve never came to now. So here I go! 90 days of where my natural hair. NO HEAT, NO EXTENSIONS. Lets see how it goes lol.
Image 5NEWDO

photoAll of my fabulous, most fabulous images are captured by the best luv and photographer, SHOOTRR.


Gotta Cop: RainCoats

raincoatWearing W118 Walter Baker, Vintage hat, Nike Cortex shoes.

They are called Raincoats for a reason. However, I took the term very lightly maybe due to the fact that the only raincoat I owned was a plastic pancho that made so much noise I thought I was becoming deaf with each raindrop. It wasn’t until I purchased a  W118 Walter Baker Coat on the a couple of seasons ago the term began to have reason. I remember the day it arrived, the excitement was more about the presentation and if you have ever received a box from the designer discounted retailer than you know what I mean.


I recall trying to rip the tape apart with my hands until I got smart and grabbed a pair of scissors, cutting until I spotted the white clothed garment bag that the coat was hung inside. As pulled it out to reveal the huge big black dot of the signature logo I began to tingle and slowly unzipped it exposing the camel colored body of the short trench with the the black bad ass leather sleeves.  The next day the usual frown of the rainy weather was replaced with a grin from ear to ear because I knew what I would be wearing as I walked outside. When it was time to go there was no umbrella in sight and the pounding sounds as the drips it the pavement made me think, “I am going to get drenched!” So I ran swiftly to the car, hopped in and began arriving to take off my hat and coat as i drove off. Undressing I noticed myself patting the coat down and I realized huh, I am completely dry. In  that moment I knew what a real raincoat was.

raincoats .001

1. Wanda Nylon $548.00  2. W118 by Walter Baker $125.50  3. Wanda Nylon $480.00          4. Valentino Red $553.00   5.Custo Barcelona $145.00  6. Rani Bageria $856.00

So although us Californians are almost in a drought, while the rest of the country is the winter storms be prepared not to get drenched and take advantage early by copping Raincoats that are 50% off  their regular price. I give you a head start above.

Paula Renee shot by Shootrr


I have never seen leaves fall as if they were snowflakes until over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  My fiance and I were escorted by a trail full of leaves to a breathtaking location and what I would describe as the epitome of fall.  The variations of tarnished red, yellow, and green trees made it easy to settle into a random shoot before I hopped on a flight back to the bay from a fantastic holiday trip in  Atlanta.

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O! Excuse me for not introducing the photographer Shootrr , an amazing talent that also happens to a be the love of my life. It is always fun being in front of the camera when he is behind it because he forces me to be in my most comfortable state,after I give him a long list of want’s and needs, all of which he doesn’t do. I wore? A leather bucket hat that I slipped off of my grandmother’s coat rack while kissing her goodbye the week before. Bucket hats were a popular purchase in summer to block the sun so when I spied her hat in leather I knew it would be the perfect bad hair day look for the rainy season. The studded gem top I grabbed from Urban Outfitters for 9.99 ,and the I am such a lady skirt is a purchase from H&M. Why I decided to throw on my Nike Cortez with such a girlie look? Dunno! Maybe because they are black and white and in my head they go with anything, and maybe I want them to go with everything because they are so darn comfortable.  I can not stop wearing them! My family request that I do because they are “dirty” but I have a shoe motto, “If they are on your feet you wear them to get worn!” I am not the person that cleans my shoes before wearing them so if you are one of those who judge based off of what’s on my feet do not look down or better yet I don’t care. I am already taken. lol



Fashion Stylist: As a career?

Paula Renee, Fashion Stylist

My fun, my passion. Never something to be taken to serious is how I feel about being a Fashion Stylist. However, when you immerse yourself in it as a career the tables turn, and personally it began to definitely swirl and land flat on the ground. So I stopped, in the middle of it all, and began to be silent and wait on instructions for my next move.


Well I didn’t necessarily stop. I started doing other things: went back to school and discovered a new career path, took fun classes like Improv and creative writing, and of course connected with an old flame, blogging. Plus, I began to rest my mind which began to boost my confidence and started to alleviate the fear of the unknown. Since 16 I have been to blessed to know exactly what I wanted to do, a choice that most completely are ignorant to or steer away from. So these continuous thought of where do I go?   I was supposed to be her by now. I don’t like that, so what is next? Those thoughts were very uncomfortable and confusing. However, what is supposed to be a low point of stunted frustration actually served as a intervention.  My goals were just to small for the dreams that I want as reality so in order for them to meet change had to take place.

Paula Renee, Fashion StylistThrough it all I am finding a new me and the path really aligns in a forward motion; making it clear that I never went backwards just stopped at a very long light. Enough time to sit, roll down the window, and look at what’s around me. Now time to cruise on so hopefully I can fall in love again and my fun and passion of Fashion Styling can never be tarnished and always be just that simple.