Thurgood at Theatrical Outfit


None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody – a parent, a teacher, an Ivy League crony or a few nuns – bent down and helped us pick up our boots.-Thurgood Marshall

My favorite theatre in Atlanta,Theatrical Outfit, just started a new season and the theme is Hope. I was asked to use my talent to costume the production of Thurgood. Played by theatre vet Geoffrey D. Williams this one man show tells the story of Thurgood Marshall the first African American to have a seat in the Sepreme Court Justice. This play comes at a crucial time in our country with so much racial and political divide it exemplifies not only hope but solutions.Read a more detailed description from TO website below:

Based on the life and career of the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, this riveting narrative charts Thurgood Marshall’s evolution from back-alley Baltimore, to Howard University law school, to his fight for equality in the South, all the way to a seat on the highest court in the land in 1967. In addition to his victorious challenge of segregation in Brown vs. Board of Education, humorous and inspiring milestones of Marshall’s journey reveal the remarkable brilliance, perseverance and hope of one of the greatest American heroes of all time.

Director: Eric J. Little
Assistant to the Director: Richard Bruce
Casting Director: Clifton Guterman*
Set Designer: R. Paul Thomason
Costume Designer: Paula Renee
Lighting Designer: Andre Allen
Sound Designer: Kay Richardson
Props Designer: Maclare “MC” Park  

For tickets, dates, and showtimes click here.

(N)Convience: Behind the Scenes


Shot by Leandro Moura

Ended the last month of 2014 Costuming for a short film with purpose and passion. The crew and cast made the project even more pleasurable. Everyone involved was so cool and fun. (N)Convenience coming soon.

Mississippi Film Festival: The Perfect Sacrifice

Mississippi Film Festival African American Black Film Festival in New York

Harlem International Film Festival

LA Short Film Festival in Los Angeles

And now Mississippi Film Festival! The Perfect Sacrifice is on a roll!  Mississippi is such a important festival to be a part of because Emmett Till was brutally murdered there. During that time we would have been shunned for highlighting the mother of Emmett Till’s experience of having a open casket at his funeral and hurt or even killed for being honored in the city it took place in. America has came a long way yet we still have a long way to go. Let’s keep moving.

To see the trailer for the film that I was Costume Designer for and learn more about the story click here.


Costume Life


I was blessed with the opportunity to take on the biggest job of my short career as a Costume Supervisor for a film titled The Perfect Sacrifice. Last week we finished wrapping five days of filming that was broken up in two parts, June and August. Based on a true story, Director and Writer Tiffany Littlejohn tells the story of a mother Mamie Bradley Till decision to have an open casket after her 15 year old son Emmett Till is brutally murdered in Mississippi the summer of 1955. Boy! The film changed my life. I learned so much about history, my history, and also that I love Costume Design but this shit is hard work! Continue Reading to learn what I learned so you don’t make the same mistakes.

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