Atlanta FX


“The thesis was to show people how it felt to be black, and you can’t really write that down, you have to feel it. the tonal aspect was really important to me.” -Donald Glover

So many reasons why the highly anticipated FX series Atlanta heightened my love for working in the entertainment industry. Written, Executive Produced, and starring Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino the storyline follows Glover (Earnest Marks), his rapper cousin, Alfred Miles (Brian Tyree Henry), and their eccentric friend Darius (keith Stanfield) as they hustle to get to the top of the ATL rap scene. As the assistant to the very talented and eclectic Costume Designer Kairo Courts I was able to have my hands in everything from shopping to fittings,driving around picking up,dropping off, and returning almost anything you can imagine in costume. When I decided two years ago this was the career for me I prayed that the universe would continue to make me apart of project’s that has a purpose and creates change wether behind or in front of the camera. Atlanta did both.

Premires on September 6 at 10pm on FX

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