American Apparel

American ApparelLast Spring I purchased the American Apparel top with anticipation, and the sole intent of wearing it immediately. Recently, as I was looking through my tornado of a closet, I realized that it is now November and the bright pink polka dot crop still lay halfway folded in my drawer. However disappointing, the thought was brief because my lil pup scratched at my leg, which is her way of yelling that she needs to go outside. So I walk out of my closet, put on her leash, and head out the door.

Stepping into the sun I felt as if I went back to the month of purchase, because the weather did not feel like Autumn. The warm air felt like the transition of Spring to Summer. Not too hot or too cold; 73 degrees of blissful beauty.  As my pup squatted to do her thing, I began to think about what to wear and within seconds I encountered that “aha!” moment that Oprah often speaks of.  I will wear the sleeveless top before it is thrown under a slew of sweaters only to be forgotten until next year.

American ApparelI paired it with a hot pink pleated skirt that I purchased from Swift, my favorite vintage store in Burbank, California.  Since a little chill always arrives in the air when the sun sets, I put on my thigh high socks also from American Apparel, with Fonarina shoes I purchased years ago when there was an outlet at a local mall; thumbs down to the haters who took it out. It wasn’t until I finished my retro up-do hairstyle that I felt I was channeling the obsessive series that you can find on Netflix titled Bomb Girls. The Canadian TV series follows four girls working in a factory to build bombs for World War II.  Season two arrived on stream about two months ago and I became a couch bum just to watch it, all in a matter of twelve hours.

American Apparel In capturing the final look altogether, I now see that in conjunction with my mental state, my style is maturing. Lately I prefer everything to be tailored, highwaisted, and/or hourglassed.  Also I have been playing with my hair, wearing up-dos and pincurling it every night so that I can have the perfect flip. I assume my thinking goes back to the series Bomb Girls; set in the 1940’s. Each woman with their man off to war, started to became more independent.  They began to think and do on their own, have a voice, and really just learn themselves. And it is only now that I am writing this that I realize maybe that is why I loved the series and the era so much. There comes a time when we all need to define ourselves; a journey I am beginning to master daily.


Top: American Apparel        Belt: Phillip Lim 3.1           Skirt: Swift Vintage

Thigh high Sock: American Apparel         Shoes: Fornarina


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