Signs of a good pair of jeans: GAP 1969 legging Jeans

gap 1969 legging jeans

Met my friend Jenn for lunch and she looked awesome with only a white t-shirt, denims, and a pair of heels. When she was complimented, she immediately mentioned she had on a new pair of Gap 1969 legging jeans and the aha moment came. Here are my top 5 signs you have on a good pair of jeans:


  1.  The moment you put them on you look 5 pounds lighter.
  2. You attempt to wear them twice in one week.
  3. You can itemize them with simple shirt and not feel so simple.
  4. When your shirt goes up it doesn’t reveal that gravity has not taken your jeans down to your ass crack.
  5. The compliments keep flowing about how good you look and you give it all to the jeans like you don’t look good too.



Sarah JehanUnedited shot of a shoot I did with photographer Sarah Jehan. It has been awhile since I have styled so it was a pleasure to ease back in with her and MUA Inna Matthews. Both ladies are chill, know what they want, and are very talented. Can not wait to see the real deal. Unsigned model Jenna Nagle was perfect for the outside lingerie themed shoot. To be continued.

Throwback Thursday: Braids.


I have been all natural for the past two months and during the process all I could think about is another hairstyle. While I do see healthy changes in my hair I can not wait to switch it up and until I figure out a permanent hairstyle I want braids!

braids IMG_4313