Frequent Shopper saving woos: Why DailyWorth helps


dailyworthThe last time I clicked purchase or heard the ching of a cash register at my favorite store has been… forever. I mean December, but that is like forever in a frequent shopper’s world. With so many important plans in the near future there is always a dark cloud over my head waiting to start pouring down rain if I make a purchase. Read More

Solange Cosmopolitan Cover


Top reasons why I love Solange Knowles spread in Cosmopolitan magazine March issue:

1. It is like a continuation of her Instagram, Color and more color.

2. A slip with slip-ins. Simple and hot.

3. She just made taking your braids halfway down and wearing it as a style look so cool.

4.She gives her top looks for Spring and all of them are mandatory for the upcoming season.

5.Who says tennis shoes and a quarter length skirt is only for working women walking in the city?

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