Fashion Stylist: As a career?

Paula Renee, Fashion Stylist

My fun, my passion. Never something to be taken to serious is how I feel about being a Fashion Stylist. However, when you immerse yourself in it as a career the tables turn, and personally it began to definitely swirl and land flat on the ground. So I stopped, in the middle of it all, and began to be silent and wait on instructions for my next move.


Well I didn’t necessarily stop. I started doing other things: went back to school and discovered a new career path, took fun classes like Improv and creative writing, and of course connected with an old flame, blogging. Plus, I began to rest my mind which began to boost my confidence and started to alleviate the fear of the unknown. Since 16 I have been to blessed to know exactly what I wanted to do, a choice that most completely are ignorant to or steer away from. So these continuous thought of where do I go?   I was supposed to be her by now. I don’t like that, so what is next? Those thoughts were very uncomfortable and confusing. However, what is supposed to be a low point of stunted frustration actually served as a intervention.  My goals were just to small for the dreams that I want as reality so in order for them to meet change had to take place.

Paula Renee, Fashion StylistThrough it all I am finding a new me and the path really aligns in a forward motion; making it clear that I never went backwards just stopped at a very long light. Enough time to sit, roll down the window, and look at what’s around me. Now time to cruise on so hopefully I can fall in love again and my fun and passion of Fashion Styling can never be tarnished and always be just that simple.