Watch and Learn

There is no need to have cable when Netflix exist.Yeah, some shows may be seasons behind, but in the recent years it has become my fashion library and I learn something new each time I press play. My new addiction is the Sundance show “On the Line”, starring Joe Zee. The Elle Magazine Creative Director takes on the role as a Brand Agent to designers whose once successful career has taken a turn for the worse. The man that knows best not only critiques their line, he also helps them create a more defined one to market to companies that if interested will pick up the collection in their stores. A great watch for any designer that would like to expand their brand


Sale. Bargain. Freakin’ deal is what it was when I walked into Topshop last Friday.  While making the racks squeak at the $20,$40, and $60 racks I finally pulled out the dress that made my mouth drop. The class of the length, the consistency in the pleats, and the unexpected details of the floral mixed with the pastel plaid, the dress has so much going on in a subtle way. Definitely a suit for me! Because I did some major miles around the city I didn’t dress it up too much, so I can not wait to wear it at its full potential. My dad was my O’ so awesome photographer… so check out the pictures we snapped all around the city. Read More

Purchase above the Rest: NYFW

Lincoln Center had it all, but it was a few that deserved the flash.Check out my top street-style snaps from NYFW.

NYFW: Black

The saying goes…when in doubt wear black, BUT when it is 90 degrees of beaming sun maybe we should have looked at the forecast first! I along with a slew of other fashion goers decided to wear the color that attracts heat on Day 6 of New York Fashion Week.  Although we were stylish we were definitely HOT. After a long day I was happy to give two deuces to the sun and Lincoln Center. Read More


Style spotted today  on  while I was in the midst of taking pictures during yesterdays shows at New York Fashion Week. Since I was acting like a serious paparazzo  I opted for something casual and airy. The dress that I wore is oldie but goodie Eddie Bauer that I purchased on Burbanks Magnolia blvd. They have really cool vintage/consignment shops. The one that I adore most is Swift. This dress along with some tailored bottoms were a practical steal and fit so perfectly that no altering was needed. I  decided to make the nautical look more urban by adding gold accessories including the golden metallic stoppers that I found on Urban that you can purchase here.